Adventurers [revised 2008 edition] - Hudson's Bay Company - The Epic Story, by Christopher Moore. NEW - includes 24-page Teacherís Guide! [Currently out of print. Available online for download]

Our hallmark publication, and a standard since its introduction in 2000. Commissioned by Hbc specifically for students, this lavishly illustrated book by noted Canadian historian Christopher Moore provides an overview of Hudson's Bay Company's history from the first voyage of the Nonsuch in 1668 to the department stores of today. Experience the lives of hardy trappers and traders, the bitter rivalry of the Baymen and the NoríWesters, the settlement of the West and the Companyís expansion into the far North. Meet a cast of characters that includes Radisson and des Groseilliers, Prince Rupert, Samuel Hearne, John Rae and Lord Strathcona. Learn how trading posts became urban department stores, making Hbc Canadaís retailer. Maps, diagrams, paintings and photographs bring the stories to life while sidebars provide in-depth features on topics such as beaver hats, pemmican, York boats and Inuit sculpture. Also available in French.

Tales from the Bay, 2008.

Originally published in 1995 to help celebrate Hbcís 325th anniversary, and long out of print, Tales from the Bay features three stories drawn from the Companyís rich history. Using the universally appealing comic-book style to make history more accessible, it has remained a favourite of teachers and students alike. A newly-revised and updated Teacherís Guide, created by teachers for teachers, helps integrate the content into lesson plans. Available in English only.

Lords & Proprietors: A Reader's Guide to the Hudson's Bay Company Charter, 2004. [Currently out of print. Available online for download]

Intended for older readers, this book features an updated text of the Hudson's Bay Company Royal Charter. Annotations call out and detail the Charter's provisions, while explaining its significance as the incorporation document of the Company. Timely issues such as corporate governance, reporting and shareholder rights can be seen in their historical context. Sidebars provide in-depth features on topics such as the Coat of Arms, the original investors, the Deed of Surrender and a scientific analysis of the Charter as a priceless artefact. Each copy includes a full colour poster of the Charterís first page. Also available in French.