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Dear Teachers,

The new school year is upon us and as we head into the fall and Remembrance Week, I want to take the opportunity to make you aware of an incredible and free program offered by the Historica-Dominion Institute.

The Memory Project, created in 2001, is the Historica-Dominion Institute’s flagshipeducational programme and is designed to connect veterans and students online and in classrooms across the country. The program includes more than 1500 veteran volunteers who represent a wide range of conflicts, including the Second World War, Korean War, Peacekeeping Operations and current Canadian Forces experiences. These speakers are eager to share their first hand experiences of service and sacrifice with young people.

Here is some feedback from those who have benefited from the program:

Vet with 3 kids"It is with pride that I look back on my six years with the Memory Project Speakers Bureau. It is my profound wish that we can continue to put a live picture to the history of our great country with the opportunity to communicate with those who are our future.”

- Mr. Leonard Levy, Second World War veteran and Memory Project volunteer.

Pic2“The Memory Project is a wonderful asset to history teachers as books and videos cannot compare to the true story of a veteran.”

Mr. Darchan Harricharran, T.L. Kennedy Secondary School


Pic3“Mary was inspiring because she showed how even during the Second World War, women were involved and contributing. It made what we were studying more “real” as Mary had been there and experienced what we only get to read about.”

– Student, Hillary Wiebe writing about her visit with veteran speaker Mary Kellior.

I encourage you to book a Memory Project veteran to visit your classroom during Remembrance Week. As Canada’s Second World War veterans are at an average age of 86, there is a brief window of time in which students will have the opportunity to hear from, and ask questions of, those men and women who lived through some of our country’s defining moments.

Attention Educators in Victoria, British Columbia,
and Peterborough and Kingston, Ontario:

The Memory Project has many veterans from these cities involved in our
program who are eager to visit students and classrooms.
Don’t miss this opportunity!

To book a speaker, please visit our website at and fill in the
Request a Speaker Form.

Please allow for 2-3 weeks prior to the date of your request.
Should you have any questions, please call us,
toll-free at 1.866.701.1867.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Kailee Novikoff
The Memory Project

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