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The Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada has developed interactive programs designed to teach students about money and the economy. All our programs are FREE. The choice is yours!

For grade 4 to 6 – What is Money?

Coins, bank notes and bank cards weren’t always the only forms of money used. By using examples of different types of currencies, students discover the functions and characteristics of money. They will gain an understanding that money can be whatever people agree on as a medium of exchange and will develop a better understanding of the money we use today.

For grade 9 to 11 – Counterfeit Detection

This module is designed help students learn about responsible citizenship and how to tell a real bank note from a counterfeit note. Hands-on learning tools and team-building activities promote interactive learning and cooperation.

For grade 9 to 11 – Inflation Busters

Fighting inflation is hard but learning about it can be fun with this interactive DVD which offers a mix of games, simulations and group activities. Students will learn about inflation, monetary policy and the role of the Bank of Canada. The program is a perfect complement to economics and business curriculum.

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