Free career presentations
by industry professionals
in the classroom.

Insurance is already part of everything you do,
why not help your students find their place in it?
Our career ambassadors make the introductions.

An ambassador presentation brings your teachings to life and the real world into the 
classroom. Industry professionals act as career ambassadors, sharing their personal 
education and career path with students. Ambassadors will explain how insurance works, 
why it is important, and the skills and education needed to pursue a career. While they 
typically promote careers in the industry, ambassadors can also speak to different subject 
areas such as family studies, business, math, science and geography. 

At career fairs, our ambassadors will engage students with questions about insurance, 
and provide them with key information about careers in the insurance industry. 

Please visit our website for more information about our ambassador visits and to order
our free classroom ready teacher resources.

We try our best to fulfill all Ambassador Requests,
but may not have an ambassador in all regions.
Toll-free: 1.866.362.8585 x2280
18 King Street East, 6th Floor, 
Toronto Ontario M5C 1C4
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